Participation is purely voluntary!  There are as many different ways to join the movement as there are people on this planet.  Mostly we want to hear from you, coming closer to an understanding of your needs, dreams, and ways of connecting.  For simplicity’s sake, here are some options for steps to take and places to investigate:

  1. Visit our Patreon page and subscribe to the Soul Ignition podcast, by doing this we can have the resources to send you a Hope Seed Planting Packet!
  2. Check out the Self-Inquiry page and see if any of those questions spark some interest.
  3. Read some Shared Stories and consider sharing one of your own!
  4. Once you receive your Hope Seed Planting Packet, start connecting to your Herkimer Diamond in a way that resonates with you.  Consider having it with you on walks, while meditating / self-inquiring, or when you are working in the garden!  When the time is right, plant that seed into the Earth and announce your presence here!
  5. Share the location of your seed along with pictures and a story for our Global Visibility Map (still a work in progress).
  6. If you are feel called to taking on more of an active role in our community, consider sharing your talent, vision, and art with the world and with the Hope Seed Team.  We’d love to hear from you!
  7. We will be travelling to hold Hope Seed Circles in cities and towns all over, wherever we are called and invited.  Check out the Upcoming Events page to see if we are coming to your neck of the woods soon!  If you have a group of folks interested in this work and would like us to plan a visit, we would be honored to do so.  Connect with us and let us know!
  8.  For community organizers, spiritual leaders, earth advocacy groups~ we would love to collaborate!  Doing this profound inquiry process is very helpful when done in a community setting, connecting with each other and our stories in person helps to soothe our wounds of separateness and we have no doubt that there are many ways to address these questions that arise from this work!  If  you are interested in becoming a Hope Seed Ambassador, and sending an open call for a circle to form in your area contact us!  We will happily post your gathering on the Upcoming Events page.


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