Why Share?

Sharing our stories is a way to explore who we are, a way of understanding our personal narrative. . . .

Of equal importance is releasing our stories to the greater tapestry of the human experience, taking our journey out of the personal cache and adding it into the collective memory bank.  We all learn from these stories and make them our own, creating deeper connections with each passing word.

Our job as the audience is simply to hold space, to receive without evaluation or problem-solving strategies, to simply see each other.  We are more connected in our suffering and in our joys than we are separate, and ultimately that is our goal.  We are healing from our sense of disengaged, hopeless alienation, and instead we are birthing a new tribe of belonging.  This tribe reaches beyond boundaries of land, culture, spiritual belief, and race.  This is the new Human Tribe of Unity.  Of people willing to stand up and show their hearts, their courage, and vulnerability, and in doing so taking a stand to Be Here Now and grow change from the ground up!


You are invited to start reading our stories and welcome to begin sharing your own!