So much has evolved, surfaced, and taken form since we began the Hope Seed Project began in 2016.  The bulk of our efforts are currently focused on our Transformative Teaching offerings through Full Awakening.  We encourage you to checkout what we are up to through our Full Awakening endeavors, as it very much sprouted from the fertile ground of the Hope Seed Project!  We will share some links below to direct you to our social media pages where you can find free teaching videos, conversations series, and various multi-media forms of inspiration for our rapidly evolving collective consciousness and Earth.

With love for who you are and what you bring,

Riza and the Full Awakening Team

Releasing the notion that we are held hostage to a power greater than our SelvesRemembering that we the architect, the dreamer, the avatar, and the substrate.We are the very ground beneath our feetWe are All

Stories of Awakening ~ Conversation Series