Making Peace From Scratch


Hi Friends!

I am happy to announce that although our visibility on this site and in this medium has been spotty at best for the past 6 months, we are still here doing “The Good Work”.  In the past few months alone we have participated in several celebrations, including the first 3 day Hope Seed Project retreat at Detroit Lake here in Oregon!  We loved the experience so much that we are creating more retreats of this kind.

I like to think of the bat as inspiration in that the bat is the animal most responsible for bringing the power of the Sun into the cave ecosystem by leaving the cave to eat fruit and insects grown in the light of day.  When we leave the urban societies that most of us live in and retreat to nature, we are gathering vital Light for our urban communities.  If we can do this; interrupt our habitual patterns that keep us unconscious, come into sync with our greater Selves, take time to gather the Truth waiting for us to glean, then we can do our good works in the midst of the human dream and bring that goodness back.

For this Summer Solstice celebration we will not only be sitting in ceremony and coming back to center, but we will be doing it for a whole weekend!

You are welcome to join us for this Earth healing that aims to bring the Light of Love being offered to us as a planetary consciousness, down to Earth, into the crystalline grid beneath our feet and together we will draw that power back up through our bodies and into our lives.

For details and to register, please visit our upcoming events page!

Love and Light from the whole Hope Seed team,

Riza + Co

mama gaia.jpg

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