Do Not Submit


Either way the election went, one side would be left outraged and gathering in strength and visibility. I guess I’m glad that it will be the progressives who will be asked not to fall asleep on this one. It will be the “Progressive, Creative, Passionate about Hope” folks out there who will be asked to not give in to despair, but to wake up, join voices and stand up for who we are and what we know is right.

America has spoken and as it turns out we are a hurting, frightened, disenfranchised, and fearful bunch. That’s not only “ok”, but in fact it’s good to see, because this condition we find ourselves in is not an accident or fluke. This present moment has been all of history in the making. As a healer I can say, we are in the midst of a national (and global) healing crisis. All our wounds are bubbling to the surface and as painful as that is, the good news is now we can treat it.

Nothing that lives in shadow gets to remain unchanged if it is brought into the light.

So do not despair, panic, or hate. Get curious about our massive wounding as individuals, communities, and as a species and then really listen. Keep your ear to your heart and listen for ways you can help. Ways in which you can be your truest, bravest Self. Commit yourself to unapologetically bringing that person forward a little bit more everyday, as an act of revolution. We are each a leader in our own heart’s mission, so don’t shy away from your passion and creative solutions. Your fire is needed and unique!

Cultivate Curiosity, Courage, and Connection!

I am holding your heart in mine. We’ve got this!   

**Feel free to share this message far and wide. We need a call to loving arms!


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