Deep Breath


In the midst of all this heavy stuff, it is important to acknowledge what is significantly right in front of us, the need to remain hopeful, brave, and empowered. Our power lies in our ability to see the learning to be gathered through each challenge, however big or small. To say “I chose this. Now, what was I hoping to learn here?” To look at someone doing something you don’t understand or something you find hurtful and say, “Just like me, that person wants to feel happy, safe, loved . . . “. Be weary of anything that makes you feel divided from life or from one another. Self-pity is something we only have a small capacity to indulge in, here in this raging river of change and upheaval. Say, “Yes, I am suffering.” Deep breath. “All life experiences suffering”. Another breath, touching hand to heart. “May I have compassion for myself in this moment.” We cannot truly have compassion for others until we have compassion for ourselves and acknowledge our own state of suffering. . . .To touch this discomfort is to touch the bottom of the pool, so that we can kick off and move back towards the light, back towards our next breath, back towards some hope for unity, growth, and love.

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