There is no Other

Travelling through the spiralling DNA of human experience

We have all played many roles

Been cast as many characters

And thirsted for every experience available to us

We have approached conflict from every angle

And looked at Life

Through every lens

The Joy ::: The Fear ::: The Ecstasy

The Hurt ::: The Grieving ::: The Love ::: The Craving

The Fulfillment of Life

It has all been Ours

Weaving ourselves through many different lifetimes

Both in Spirit and through our Body’s own memory

We indeed are One

In Life,

There is no “Other”

We have all been the Father and the Mother

The Sister and the Brother

The Son and the Daughter

In Life,

There is no “Other”

We have been the Hunted and the Hunter

The Witch and the Executioner

The Prey and the Predator

In Life,

There is no “Other”

We have been the Wounded and the Healer

The Teacher and the Student

The Refugee and the Refuge

In Life,

There is no “Other”

And why do we do this, my dear?

Why do we come back here again

Choosing a new adventure each time?

Giving consent and Opening our hearts

To all the suffering and turmoil that this Earth Life has to offer?


To Learn

To Grow

To dilate the breadth of our perspective

To Create Containers   

Define Identities

And Seek a glimmer

Of our own True Face

If only to nurture

Deepening Capacities

For Courage

So that we are then able

to destroy these comforts completely

In order to make way for something

Even Greater

To Emerge

From the Ashes

Of all we thought we knew. . . .  

File_008 (1).jpeg


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