Marianne ::: Origins


I came to my spiritual path after suffering with alcoholism and an unhappy marriage. I had been fired from my job, and decided to take my life into my own hands and try to find my happiness. I studied yoga and found answers to my souls’ questions. Slowly I began to unfold different false versions of myself through meditation and I continue to get to know my true self every day. I came to this hope seed project because I resonate deeply with the need for us humans to be connected to each other and to the beautiful planet that needs our help.  Awareness is shining a light on darkness; once you are aware, you cannot be unaware any longer.

My soul’s calling now is to contribute to this project and continue to unravel my ego and live in harmony with my higher self. I teach fitness classes of all kinds and am a full-time student at PSU studying health to eventually become a physical therapist. I’m very proud of my daughter, who was born to me when I was 16 years old. She is a college student as well and we enjoy a close relationship. I look forward to working on this project and making positive changes for ourselves and our planet.

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